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Dr. Todd Pizzi

Dr. Pizzi earned his dental degree at SUNY at Buffalo Dental School. After graduating, he was commissioned in the United States Public Health Service as a Dental Officer until he went on to open his own practice. 

Since graduating from dental school, Dr. Pizzi has tirelessly pursued advanced training and has completed the entire curriculum at the prestigious Spear Education Center in Scottsdale, AZ, where he is a member of the faculty club. He has extensive training in all phases of cosmetic, complex restorative, and implant dentistry. Dr. Pizzi offers specialized treatment in Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disordered Breathing, and Myofunctional Disorders in developing children. Dr. Pizzi has certifications from Spear and The Kois Center, as well as the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres International.

When he's not at the office, you can find Dr. Pizzi running ultra marathons, traveling with his wife of 20 years, and spending time with their 3 daughters. If you’re looking for a skilled dentist in Del Mar, Dr. Pizzi can handle any dental health issue no matter how big or small. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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Dr. Nolan Bellisario

Dr. Bellisario graduated with a BS in Biology from Bucknell University in 1968. He is a graduate of the College of Dentistry, University of Pittsburgh, 1972, completing the Advanced Graduate Curriculum for his last semester. He served two years Active Duty with the United States Navy Dental Corps on a rotating internship. He is a graduate of the acclaimed PAC-Live, San Francisco’s University of the Pacific Continuum on Aesthetic Dentistry and a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Implant Study Club.

Dr. Bellisario has had over 30 years experience in all phases of cosmetic dentistry, and has been in private practice in Del Mar since 1974.

doctor nolan bellisario

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Dr. r. douglas campbell

Dr. R. Douglas Campbell is a San Diego dentist known for his expertise and exceptional patient care. He has been providing general, cosmetic, restorative, implant, and reconstructive dentistry since 1994.

He earned his dental degree from the University of Florida in 1988, then went on to complete his residency at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. Over the years, Dr. Campbell's dedication and focus on continuing education have never diminished.  Aware that the rapidly changing world of dental care is constantly evolving, Dr. Campbell places utmost importance on education, innovation, and his advanced skill development.

Dr. Campbell's treatment philosophy is one of comprehensive care. Utilizing his extensive training and knowledge, he creates a treatment plan that meets your needs to resolve present problems and prevent future ones. As an acknowledgment of his extensive dental education and knowledge he was awarded the title Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.

From 2007 to 2019, Dr. Campbell was named Best Of San Diego In General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry by San Diego Magazine. With his years of experience and his recognition for quality care, you can always trust that you’re in good hands with Dr. Campbell at Del Mar Dental Studio.

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doctor nolan bellisario

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Dr. Sharona Dayan

I’m Dr. Sharona Dayan, a Harvard-trained periodontist, and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to Del Mar Dental Studio.

Dentistry has always been an important part of my life.  My father is a retired dentist and as a child I saw how his patients were like family.  I used to go to his office after school to do my homework.  He hummed happily whiled he worked and brought a unique brand of magic to his office.  

I left Iran as a young nine year old to escape persecution.  We left everything behind.  To help out with family expenses I was a math and literacy tutor after school and I experienced first-hand the joys of helping others.  I remember a teenage girl who was pregnant and couldn’t read and I was determined to get her reading before the baby was born.  And we did it!  I remember the RELIEF I felt knowing she could read ingredients on baby food jars and labels for baby medicines. 
I graduated from UCLA dental school and then pursued specialty training in Periodontics and Oral Medicine at Harvard. There, I also became a Doctor of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology where I conducted NIH-funded research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the areas of oral cancer and periodontal disease. I was a fully funded NIH grant recipient and was the first student to complete two specialties and a Doctorate degree in a four year accelerated program. I was also the first person in my family to graduate from Harvard, which made my parents very proud.  I am so grateful to America for the opportunity to attend a leading institution.  

My experiences in the Harvard hospitals and medical clinics and providing care for medically complex patients needing oral care have fostered my integrative and health-oriented approach to treating oral diseases. I have observed first-hand the important role that oral health plays in overall health. I am very comfortable treating patients with illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease and they trust me to help them become healthier. I wholeheartedly agree with the American Surgeon General that a healthy mouth is an important part of a person’s overall health.

In our modern society gum disease is no longer just about brushing and flossing. So many patients come to me feeling frustrated about their constant struggles with their teeth. They can not understand why they are losing their teeth and having problems with their dental implants. They also might have TMJ pain and headaches that are interfering with their lives and they don’t know why. If you have any of these symptoms, there is hope. Because of my extensive background and training, I have answers to your questions!

I will do a deep dive into the modern day causes of gum disease that go beyond brushing and flossing. I will look into your sleep, diet, whether you are mouth breathing or if you are having any gut issues. I also want to know what your Vitamin D levels are. Vitamin D is an important bone and tooth hormone. It is often overlooked that low levels can cause gum disease and tooth decay and loss of dental implants. The Microbiome is also an important ingredient in keeping natural teeth. If we lose our healthy gut Microbiome from a poor diet, our oral Microbiome can be impacted as well, leading to overgrowth of disease- causing germs in our mouth.

In my practice I use the latest technologies like lasers and minimally invasive techniques to offer a comfortable experience for the treatment of gum diseases. It is common to feel anxious about procedures. I love converting the anxious patient into a lifelong fan with surgeries that don’t hurt and TLC from the moment you walk in. For me it’s always been about being a quality doctor who cares about serving others.

For true transformational health my goal is to integrate oral health with your overall wellbeing. My services therefore include nutritional counseling to optimize the Microbiome, myofunctional therapy to tone the muscles for nose breathing and a healthy swallow, and helping you get the deep restorative sleep we all need to have a strong immune system and be pain-free.

And while dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth, my goal is to always save natural teeth whenever possible. If you are having a problem with an existing dental implant, I will try to save your implant. Because I understand that it’s not easy starting all over again.

No matter what kind of challenges you have with gum disease and tooth loss, there is hope for you.


Read Dr. Dayan's New Book, Keep Your Teeth

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At Del Mar Dental Studio, our goal is to empower patients to put their best smiles forward. Routine preventive care keeps your smile healthy, and we’re making sure it stays beautiful, too! When you sign up for our Whitening for Life Plan, we'll brighten your teeth after each routine cleaning using our professional whitening products. You’ll leave each appointment feeling healthy, happy, and confident in your smile.

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