The Top 5 TMJ FAQs – Answering Your Common Questions

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a very common problem, and is estimated to affect somewhere between 5-12% of the population.

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Family Movie Snacks: Helpful Tips!

Whether you and the family are piling onto the sofa to watch a movie at home or if you’re heading out to watch on the big screen, this experience can be one that does (or does not) put your smiles at serious risk of damage.

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Weird TMJ Disorder Symptoms

There are some very run-of-the-mill, well known TMJ disorder symptoms that you might already know about. You may already have identified them as part of the problem you have been experiencing with your jaw joints. However, what you may not be certain about may include some weird symptoms that may very well be affecting you. Since you may want to attribute them to your TMD but aren’t really sure what’s going on, a bit of insight into stuff you didn’t know counted as symptoms might help.

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Invisalign Treatment: 3 Things You Should Never Do!

Not entirely sure if you’re educated on some very big risks for your Invisalign treatment trays? You know that you shouldn’t leave them lying about and that you shouldn’t stuff them into pockets. However, do you know if you’re doing absolutely everything you can to keep them from becoming harmed or yellowed? We are happy to report on a few commonly overlooked problems that can cause serious issues. The good news? They’re very easy to avoid once you’re aware of them.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

At Del Mar Dental Studio, our dentists are skilled and experienced. Combined, Dr. Pizzi and Dr. Bellasario have over 50 years of dental experience and they each offer advanced care to give you the best results and a beautiful smile. Our dentists are proud to be a part of the Del Mar community since 1974, and we would feel honored to help you maintain your smile!

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