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Pre-Orthodontic Treatment

Myobrace in Del Mar

If you’re a parent in Del Mar and you suspect that your child may have issues with their oral development, we offer Myobrace to help get things on track. Myobrace is a pre-orthodontic treatment used to correct issues with jaw development and encourage healthy oral habits. Call today to learn more and see if this treatment is right for your child!

Myobrace in Del Mar

How it Works

What Is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a special type of removable orthodontic treatment designed specifically for children between the ages of 5-15. Treatment involves wearing removable oral appliances that look similar to a mouthguard or a retainer. Typically, the Myobrace is worn for about an hour per day, and overnight while your child sleeps.

These appliances can correct poor oral habits and ensure the proper development and alignment of your child’s jaw. Treatment results in straighter teeth and often eliminates the need for braces later in life. Myobrace also encourages proper swallowing, keeping the lips together at rest, breathing through the nose, and proper tongue resting.

When to Seek Treatment

Signs of Orthodontic Issues

If your child has oral issues such as poor tongue placement, reverse swallowing (tongue thrusting), mouth breathing, or airway issues, they will most likely benefit from a Myobrace. During your consultation, your Del Mar dentist will discuss your child’s symptoms, examine their mouth, and offer honest advice about whether to move forward with Myobrace treatment.

Del Mar Myobrace

What to Expect

The Myobrace Process

After your child is confirmed as a good candidate for a Myobrace, Dr. Pizzi will begin building a customized treatment plan. Typically, there are four stages to treatment:

  • First, habit correction with the Myobrace helps correct poor oral habits like tongue thrusting and mouth breathing. This prevents improper jaw growth.
  • Next is arch development. The Myobrace can be used to help expand the palate and the arch, which allows sufficient space for the teeth and the tongue to move freely and properly.
  • The third stage of Myobrace treatment, dental alignment, takes place when your child has all of their permanent teeth. The removable Myobrace appliance can shift and reposition teeth for a healthier bite.
  • The retention phase involves wearing a Myobrace retainer to keep your child’s teeth in place.

The proper treatment for your child will depend on their age, orthodontic needs, and other details. To learn more about the Myobrace process and what to expect, schedule an appointment in Del Mar with Dr. Pizzi.

Benefits of Myobrace Treatment

The myobrace works to make extra space in the jaw without the need for extracting teeth. The treatment also corrects airway issues such as sleep apnea, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, bruxism, and TMJ disorders. 

Wearing a myobrace encourages the patient to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth, which improves oral and overall health. Nasal breathing filters out bacteria and germs, preventing them from reaching the lungs. 

This filtering process does not take place when a patient breathes through the mouth, which increases their risk of developing asthma and allergies. Unlike traditional braces that utilize metal brackets and wires to shift the teeth, the myobrace is made of soft silicone. This makes them much more comfortable to wear and less noticeable to others. 

Patients also only have to wear the myobrace for one hour during the day and the rest of the treatment takes place at night during sleep. This reduces disruptions during the day as well as insecurity from noticeable braces. Cleaning the teeth is a lot easier, as the myobrace can be removed.

Myobrace in Del Mar

Will My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment in the Future? 

Myobrace treatment is a preventive treatment that is most effective when undergone between the ages of 3-15. Since myobrace treatment addresses the underlying problems that cause teeth and jaw alignment issues, completion of the treatment at a young age greatly reduces the need for future orthodontic treatment such as braces. 

After completing myobrace treatment, your child’s teeth and jaw will be in a better position to encourage the growth of straight teeth. However, the success of the treatment depends on compliance with wearing the myobrace as well as starting treatment early enough. 

Further orthodontic treatment may be needed in the future. The younger your child is when they start myobrace treatment, the less likely they are to need additional orthodontic treatment. This is because the myobrace works with the child’s still developing jaw and growth to encourage proper alignment.

How Long Does Myobrace Treatment Last?

This ultimately depends on the severity of already present orthodontic problems, the age of the child, and how long they are wearing the myobrace. Your child should wear them for 1-2 hours during the day and during sleep every night to achieve significant results. 

The average length of treatment is 18 months, comparable to the length of traditional braces. The difference lies in the convenience of only needing to wear the aligners for an hour or two during the day. 

The rest of the treatment takes place while the patient is sleeping. The progress of your child’s tooth and jaw alignment will be tracked continuously. The fourth stage of treatment is known as retention, which ensures that oral health habits and alignment are maintained. This eliminates the need to wear a permanent retainer.

Unique Advantages

Benefits of Myobrace Treatment

Myobrace treatment encourages proper oral health and development. In addition, a Myobrace can reduce the risk of your child developing an issue such as sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), both of which can be caused by a narrow palate.

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