Family Movie Snacks: Helpful Tips!

Family Movie Snacks: Helpful Tips!

Whether you and the family are piling onto the sofa to watch a movie at home or if you’re heading out to watch on the big screen, this experience can be one that does (or does not) put your smiles at serious risk of damage. While the occasional overload with sugar isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s absolutely better to avoid it. Does that mean you and the kids can’t have a perfectly enjoyable time? Of course not! Take some tips to heart, so you see you can still snack away without creating such a dangerous environment for your smile health.

Choose H2O Not Soda, Juice, Chocolate Milk

It’s an easy choice. Rather than selecting any other beverage, whether it’s soda, a juice drink, an energy drink, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc., just choose water. It’s safe for everyone’s smile health and will help counteract whatever else you’re about to eat.

Choose Quick Dissolve Candy

Choose candy for your family that melts very fast. Not the stuff that takes several minutes to chew through. The quicker it breaks down, the quicker it’s not longer resting on your teeth, which is best for your smile health.

Watch For Popcorn Kernels

You may assume popcorn is the best plan of action when you’re watching a film and want to snack. While it certainly offers its health benefits, it does come with a warning: The hulls can become stuck between teeth and unpopped kernels may damage teeth. Your best bet? If you indulge, be careful when you get near the bottom of the carton (where unpopped kernels lie) and eat a few pieces at a time rather than handfuls. Brush and floss when you’re through!

Add Sugarless Gum

Chew sugarless gum (if everyone can do so quietly) after eating. It’s a quick way to cleanse teeth, while you’re glued to the movie screen!

Make Family Snack Time Easy With Our Tips

Don’t forget to ask us for help with planning things like family snacking! We may be of more help to you than you may have imagined. To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.

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