Invisalign Treatment: 3 Things You Should Never Do!

Invisalign Treatment: 3 Things You Should Never Do!

Not entirely sure if you’re educated on some very big risks for your Invisalign treatment trays? You know that you shouldn’t leave them lying about and that you shouldn’t stuff them into pockets. However, do you know if you’re doing absolutely everything you can to keep them from becoming harmed or yellowed? We are happy to report on a few commonly overlooked problems that can cause serious issues. The good news? They’re very easy to avoid once you’re aware of them.

#1: Smoke Or Use Tobacco With Them

Whether you’re vaping, you’re smoking cigarettes, or you’re using other forms of tobacco, none of these decisions is a good one with Invisalign treatment. First, when tobacco is involved, you may cause quick discoloration to the initially clear tray. Next, of course, if you’re smoking, then you are bringing a serious dose of heat into the picture, which can ruin the tray.

#2: Let Someone Try Them On

When someone asks you what your Invisalign treatment trays feel like, do your best to explain it. However, never say, “Here, just try them on real quick!” Otherwise, you’re swapping germs and you may end up with damaged trays.

#3: Come Up With Creative Washing Ideas

Figure that you can probably just toss your Invisalign trays into the dishwasher? Boil them? Scrub them with a harsh cleaner? If you are dealing with discoloration or some other concern, do not leap to extremes in an effort to make things better. You may destroy the trays or make them dangerous to wear. Instead, call us to report the problems with your Invisalign treatment, so we may be of help.

Treat Invisalign Well By Following Advice

You only need to follow our recommendations for your Invisalign trays to keep them nice and safe! To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, CA, today at 858-264-2825 or contact us online.

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