Weird TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Weird TMJ Disorder Symptoms

There are some very run-of-the-mill, well known TMJ disorder symptoms that you might already know about. You may already have identified them as part of the problem you have been experiencing with your jaw joints. However, what you may not be certain about may include some weird symptoms that may very well be affecting you. Since you may want to attribute them to your TMD but aren’t really sure what’s going on, a bit of insight into stuff you didn’t know counted as symptoms might help. (Of course, seeing us for a visit will help, too).

Ear Issues

Did you know that in addition to noticing changes in sensations in your face, head, shoulders, and neck, where pain often travels, you can even end up with problems in your ears? It’s true. Think about the location of your TMJs. They are very close to your ears! Patients sometimes experience the following as a result of TMJ disorder:

  • Earaches. You may find that the discomfort you experience is not just a headache, neck ache, jaw ache, etc. You may also discover soreness within your ear. Of course, this is a wonderful reason to seek TMJ treatment.
  • TMJ problems may also lead to something called tinnitus, which is when you hear a noise like a whining, ringing, or roaring in your ears, though there’s nothing that can be seen there causing it.

Jaw Locking

If you deal with TMJ disorder, you may find that your jaw “locks up” when you open it or when you close it. This won’t happen permanently. It will just happen for a few seconds, which can feel alarming. Choosing TMJ treatment with our team can help solve this and other unpleasant symptoms that accompany trouble with your jaw joints.

Treat TMJ Disorder Soon So You May Say Goodbye To Symptoms

Sick of dealing with a varied list of common and some unusual issues due to your TMJ disorder? Now is the time to talk with us about how TMJ treatment can help! To schedule an appointment with Nolan Bellisario, DMD and Todd Pizzi, DDS, call our dental office in Del Mar, California, today at 858-755-0187.

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